Yesterday I released a live session with my best friends in Life On the Sideline that I recorded, mixed, filmed, and edited (thanks to Jordyn Beschel & Tim Sara for helping film). I put a stupid amount of hours into making this, and my friends are some of the most genuine, hardworking, talented people I know.

I am aware that there are a ton of bands out there and it is impossible to checkout them all, but these guys are definitely worth a few minutes of your time! If you like what you see/hear, please reblog and/or share with your friends. All your favorite bands started off somewhere and got to where they are because people like you gave them a chance, so help these guys out ( their music is free! ) 

They have been working really hard on new music which they are recording this August. They are heavily influenced by bands like BRAND NEW if you’re into that. Like em on facebook to keep up with them.


[you can be the cool kid that gets bragging rights for liking them before they got big]